FiberCast FTTH

If you are still using copper DSL lines to access broadband Internet at your home, you’re so much from the past! Fiber to the Home is the next big thing and Fiber Optics is the future for home entertainment. FiberCast understands the significance of using fiber optics and it's network is being designed and built to optimize this technology where our customers can enjoy a high quality internet, phone and television experience while keeping prices at affordable levels. This is why FiberCast is the future for all telecommunications needs.

Need For Speed - FiberCast Internet

Need for Speed,
seems to be the priority of the day...

How much bandwidth can your broadband technology give you? 1 MB? 3 MB? 10 MB? FTTH technologies can give a all of the above and up to 1 Gbps per house. 1 Gbps of bandwidth connectivity to home? Whatever are you going to do with so much speed? Well, that’s a small unwanted detail and is usually left to the subscriber to ponder upon.

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