Add Digital Phone for $32.50

Cable TV for $25

Do you need TV for your waiting room?
Add FiberCast TV for $25 more when you sign up for FiberCast Internet Service.


Small Business Internet Current Promotions

Enterprise Fiber Optic Internet






10x10 Meg



100x100 Meg

Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change during and after the promo or if any service is cancelled or up/downgraded, regular rates apply. Service limited to a single outlet. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Prices are per month, and based on 36 month contract terms.

One-Time Fees


Business Internet : Standard Installation (12M/24M/36M)

$149 / $99 / $49

New Location Fiber Drop Construction

$1.00 / per ft fiber

Inside Wiring / Labor per Tech

$75.00 / hour

Other Services & Fees

Monthly Fee

Cable Modem w/ Wifi or Fiber Optical Network Termination Device : Rental


Static IP Address – 1



Static IP Address – 5 + 1



Static IP Address – 13 + 1



Web Hosting

Hosting for your website includes 20 email accounts, website statistics and unlimited email aliasing.



DNS Hosting
This option is designed for people who want to host their own website; however want to avoid the hassle of dealing with DNS. With DNS Hosting we will host your domain for you without any of the additional services, such as email accounts or web space.



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