FiberCast Refund & Return Policy


FIBERCAST SERVICES (Cable TV, Internet, Telephone, and ISP Services)
Termination by You:


Unless you have agreed to a minimum term, the minimum service term is 1 month with a 30 day advance notice and you may terminate your service for any reason at any time by notifying Fibercast in one of three ways:


(1) send a written notice to the postal address of your local Fibercast business office with your account number, service address, and a contact phone number (you will receive a phone call confirming that we received your notice, unless you send it via return receipt);


(2) send an electronic notice to the email address specified on (you should make sure you receive a return email with a ticket number to make sure we received your request); or


(3) call our customer service line during normal business hours and schedule your disconnect date and ask for a ticket number for disconnect job.


Subject to applicable law or the terms of any agreements with governmental authorities, all applicable fees and charges for the Service(s) will accrue until your service has terminated, the Service(s) have been disconnected, and all Fibercast Equipment has been returned. We will refund all prepaid monthly service fees charged for Service(s) after the date of termination or after the minimum term which is one month (less any outstanding amounts due Fibercast for the Service(s), affiliate services, Fibercast Equipment, or other applicable fees and charges). For example, if you request your service to be disconnected in middle of the month, you will still be responsible for the service term in that month which runs from 1st of the month until the last day of the month, but if you paid for the service month after, that amount will be refunded.



Please note that Fibercast only permits the return of unopened products due to a Fibercast shipping or order processing error and that all other sales are final.

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Contact our Non Existing Department if you want to get blacklisted you can select this email, or we have another option for you at