300 Spots for $100 on CNN

You can now run 30 seconds spot commercial on CNN on Fibercast system for 10 times a day for a month (300 total) for $100. A great way to expose your business and put your name on CNN.

Spot Advertising

What is Spot Cable Advertising?

Spot cable advertising is one of two basic ways to buy advertising on cable television. It allows regional small-business owners to show their TV ads on national cable networks that air in their local markets without having to buy airtime from those networks.


Cable spot advertising provides a cost-effective way for you to reach your markets with demographic and geographic targeting. You can choose the cable networks on which your ad will air and the time of day it will be shown. Depending on the ad buy you negotiate, you may be able to choose specific shows with which your ad will air.

Why should I advertise on FiberCast Cable?

  • It's easy! Advertising with FiberCast is as easy as making a phone call. We can handle all the work for you.
  • Reach new customers! FiberCast's cable TV system has grown steadily. With many available channels, you can reach over 2500 viewers in Stratford, Colebrook, Stewartstown, Pittsburg in New Hampshire, Canaan and Lemington in Vermont.
  • Reasonable cost - Check around and you'll agree that FiberCast advertising rates are very cost-effective for your business, reaching the most people at the lowest cost-per-impression.
  • Fibercast can offer the following networks for your commercial: A&E, FreeForm, Cartoon Network, CNN, ESPN, ESPN2, Food, Hallmark, Hallmark Movie, HGTV, History, TBS, TNT, USA and Local Info Channel.

 Sample 30 seconds Spot Pricing:

Spot Period Regular Rate
12am - 6am


6am - 12pm


12pm - 6 pm


6pm - 12am


7am - 7pm


Fixed time spot


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