Promotional Offers

FIber Optic Service

  1. Symmetrical 50 Meg Internet $50
  2. with Affordable TV for $80 or
  3. with TV & Phone for $99
* Promotion available for first time Internet customers where service is available. Other restrictions may apply, call for details.

Smart Home Internet

Smart Home service is only available at those Smart Coax locations. Please call us for service addresses.




Smart Lite 3 x 1


Smart Broadband 25 x 5


Cable Internet

New Customer Offers for Cable Internet. Pricing guaranteed for 6 months.




Lite 3 Meg


Turbo 100 Meg


New Customer 6 mo. Promo

FIber Optic Service Internet




Bronze 10M


10M + 10M =
20 MEG

Platinum 100M


100M + 100M =
200 MEG




Silver 25M


25M + 25M =
50 MEG

Platinum 100M


100M + 100M =
200 MEG

Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change during and after the promo or if any service is cancelled, moved or up/downgraded, regular rates apply. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. FREE INSTALL is available for new customers only located at Fiber Lid multi-dwelling buildings, please ask for current building list. Fiber ONT devices do not have customer access interface and remotely managed, however the ONT can be setup in 1-TO-1 NAT DMZ mode for customer owned router use.

“Standard” Installations are those that are located up to one hundred twenty-five (125) feet from the existing distribution system.

Service “household” is limited to the single address where you reside and where the Service is installed, and does not include adjacent apartments, residences, offices or any type of space not physically associated with such address or not serviced by the same single electric meter by the power company.

Residential One-Time Fees


Cable Internet : Standard (upto 125ft) Installation


Fiber Internet : Standard (upto 125ft) Installation  mtm/24m

$75.00 / $50.00

Fiber/Cable Internet : Extended (additional 175ft) Installation


Cable Modem w/ Wifi : Purchase


Fiber Optical Network Termination Device : Purchase / Lease with Warranty

$149.00 / $199.00

Inside Wiring / Labor

$75.00 / hour

New House Fiber Drop Construction
(over 300 feet for aerial type installation)

$1.00 per ft

Residential Monthly Fees

Monthly Fees

Cable Modem or Fiber Optical Network Terminal : Rental


Fiber Optical Network Terminal (GigE) : Rental


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