FiberWiFi Internet HotSpots

  • What is FiberWiFi?

    FiberWiFi is a network of hotspots that allows you to connect at the fastest WiFi speeds around town while conserving usage on your cellular data plan.

  • How do I find a hotspot?

    There are two easy ways to find a WiFi hotspot:

    • Check the hotspot location map at: (coming soon)

    • Hotspots are being added frequently, so always remember to check for the “FiberWiFi” signal in your list of available networks when you arrive at your destination.

  • I am a FiberCast customer, do I get free access?

    FiberWiFi is available for no additional charge to FiberCast Internet and Business Internet customers who subscribe to one of the following:

    • Turbo tier and above

    • Fiber Internet

    Free courtesy service is limited to one FiberWiFi account and 3GB data per month.

  • How do I access FiberWiFi?

    1. Enable your WiFi on your wireless device.

    2. Find and select the FiberWiFi network (network name: “FiberWiFi”).

    3. Sign in using your username and password, then start browsing the Web.

    You need your FiberWiFi username and password created on your account, please call our office during business hours to have this created for you.

    After the first time you’ve signed in, your device will automatically connect to FiberWiFi hotspots in the future.

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